Getting Started Guide for Publishers

Getting started with ads.txt Guru is very simple! Please follow the following steps to get started...

  1. Sign-up and log-in to ads.txt Guru.
  2. After log-in, select the 'Add Domain' button to add your first domain. [Documentation]
  3. Once you have added your domain you will need to create your ads.txt records. [Documentation]
    1. The easiest way to get started if you have an existing ads.txt file is to simply import the file, to do so simply use the 'Import' form. [Documentation]
    2. If you have been given a collaborator tag by your ad network, simply proceed to the 'Collaborators' section under your domain and enter the collaborator tag. [Documentation]
    3. If you would like to manually add your ads.txt records simply use the 'Add Record' form. [Documentation]
  4. Once you have created your ads.txt file you will need to upload it to your website.
    1. The easiest way to upload your ads.txt file is to 'Connect FTP' and allow the ads.txt Guru system to automatically upload your ads.txt file when you use the 'Synchronize' button. [Documentation]
    2. Alternatively, simply select the 'Download' link to download your ads.txt file and then upload it using your own FTP software or file manager.
  5. Finished! You're ads.txt file is now in place, time for a coffee...