Collaborate: Group: Settings

The 'Collaborate >> Your Group >> Settings' section is used to manage the settings for your collaboration group.

Screenshot of 'Collaborate >> Your Group >> Settings' section.

Group Name
The group name field allows you to edit the name of your group. Please enter your group name as it should be identified to your publishers when you collaborate with them. If you only intend to manage one group for all your publishers then we recommend entering the name of your ad network as the group name, if you intend to manage multiple groups then you should enter your ad network name followed by a name to identify the group. For example, 'Your Ad Network, Premium Publishers'.

Collaborator Tag
Your collaborator tag can be shared with publishers to enable them to request you collaborate with their domains. Your collaborator tag is unique to each group you create. Please ensure you only share your tag with genuine trusted publishers using your trusted communication methods.

Your certification status indicates whether this group is certified and trusted. You can select the 'Certify' option to complete the certifcation process.

Include Comments
The include comments option controls whether the comments you add to your ads.txt files will be included when you download your ads.txt file.

The auto-synchronize option allows you to automate the ads.txt synchronization process. If enabled then your ads.txt changes will be automatically synchronized, this typically occurs one hour after your first change to allow you time to make further changes, or resolve any mistakes.

Allow Requests
The allow requests option allows you to control whether you accept requests using your collaborator tag.

The auto-approve option allows you to automatically approve requests from domains. This option should be used with caution and if enabled you should periodically review the domains you are collaborating with.