Collaborate: Collaborator Certification

The 'Collaborate >> Collaborator Certification' section is used to certify that you are a genuine and trusted ad network.

We certify your ad network by requesting your organization name, URL, contact name and email address. The email address provided must use the same domain name as your organization URL, except when the email address can be verified via the organization website. When you collaborate with publishers we provide them with your organization name and URL to allow them to ensure you are the correct ad network that they wish to collaborate with.

Collaborator certification is used to reassure publishers that you are the genuine ad network.

Screenshot of 'Collaborate >> Collaborator Certification' section.

Organization Name
The organization name field is used to provide the name of your company/organization. Please provide your official corporate name, such as Ad Network Plc..

Website URL
The website URL field is used to provide the URL of your organization's website. This should be the full URL of your official corporate website, such as

Contact Name
The contact name field is used to provide your name so we know who to contact if we require further information to complete the certification process.

Contact Email
The contact email field is used to provide your email address, this email address must use the same domain name as your website URL to help us complete the verification process. If a different domain name is used then we must be able to verify this domain via the website URL, although if essential we can perform alternate verification methods manually. We will send a verification link to this email address and this link must be selected to complete the verification process.

The collaborator certification process is handled manually by us and therefore it will not be processed instantly, we will endeavour to process your certification as quickly as possible. You will not be required to repeat the process when you add further collaboration groups, however we ask that you update your collaborator certification if any of your details change.