Getting Started Guide for Ad Networks

Getting started with ads.txt Guru is very simple! Please follow the following steps to get started...

  1. Sign-up and log-in to ads.txt Guru.
  2. After log-in, select the 'Add Group' button to add your first collaboration group. [Documentation]
  3. Once you have added your group you will need to create your ads.txt records. [Documentation]
    1. The easiest way to get started if you have an existing ads.txt file is to import the file, to do so simply use the 'Import' form. [Documentation]
    2. If you would like to manually add your ads.txt records simply use the 'Add Record' form. [Documentation]
  4. Once you have created your ads.txt file you will need to link your collaborator group with the domains which will be using this ads.txt file.
    1. If you control the domains simply add the domains via the 'Manage' section of your account, then proceed to the 'Collaborators' section for each domain to request collaboration with your collaborator group. [Documentation]
    2. Alternatively, if you have the domain tags for the domains you would like to collaborate with simply proceed to the 'Domains' section under your collaboration group to invite the domains. [Documentation]
    3. Alternatively, you can share your 'Collaborator Tag' (found in your collaboration group's 'Settings' section) with the relevant domain owners to enable them to request collaboration. This tag can be shared publicly, for example through your website content or publisher dashboard.
  5. Finished! You're ads.txt file is now ready, time for a coffee...