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Streamline your ads.txt management

Online ads.txt management

No more text editors! Manage your ads.txt records for multiple publisher groups from a simple online interface, on any device.

Automated ads.txt file management

Collaborate with publishers

Eliminate urgent updates and lost revenue, simply connect with your publishers to contribute to their ads.txt files. Need to add a new record, simply update your ads.txt file and the changes are automatically synchronized with your publisher's ads.txt files.

Simple ads.txt collaboration

Built-in validation

Inherent validation eliminates ads.txt errors ensuring you, and your publishers, don't lose revenue and waste time correcting mistakes. Quickly create consistent & properly validated ads.txt files with ease.

Automatic ads.txt validation

Version control

Made a mistake, or simply need to go back to an old version? Quickly revert to any past version of your ads.txt file at the click of a button.

ads.txt version control

Streamline your publisher acquisition

Integrate with our API to automatically connect with your new publisher's ads.txt files, eliminating the manual process to dramatically speed-up how quickly you get your new publishers up and running.

ads.txt API integration

Protection against fraud

Ensure you only collaborate with verified website owners, and encourage trust to avoid fraudulent ads.txt records creeping in and losing you valuable revenue.

Collaborator certification & trust

Quick start

Don't worry about creating a new ads.txt file, simply import your existing ads.txt file and be up and running in seconds.

ads.txt import

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