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To compare your ads.txt file using the ads.txt Guru Comparison Tool, please upload your ads.txt file along with a text file containing a list of the domains to be checked. The ads.txt file on each domain will then be checked to ensure they contain all of the records included in the ads.txt file.

This tool may be used free of charge for up to 25 domains. To increase this limit please sign-up to ads.txt Guru.

Upload ads.txt file:

Upload domains file:

File Format & Notes

Upload ads.txt file

  • Upload your ads.txt records in the standard ads.txt file format.
  • Only data records will be compared - variables and comments will be ignored, including inline comments included after data records.
  • If you want to match a data record which has a different publisher ID on each domain then you can set the publisher ID as ATG-WILDCARD in your ads.txt file - the rest of the data record will then be matched whilst ignoring variations in the publisher ID.

Upload domains file

  • The domains file is simply a text file which contains a list of website domains you would like to check.
  • Each domain should be included on it's own line.
  • You can include either the domain on it's own, or you can specify the protocol as http or https. If not included then the https protocol will be used.
  • You should not include a filename or any trailing slashes, these will be ignored and only the root ads.txt file will be checked on the domain.
  • You can include an ID in your domains file to help with processing the results, each ID can be appended at the end of each line seperated by a comma.

Example domains file:,UNIQUE-ID,12345

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