Manage: Domain: Settings: Connect FTP

The 'Manage >> >> Settings >> Connect FTP' section is used to configure your FTP details to enable you to automatically upload your ads.txt file to your website when you synchronize your ads.txt file.

If you're not sure what your FTP log-in details are please refer to your web hosting control panel, or contact your hosting provider for assistance.

Screenshot of 'Manage >> >> Settings >> Connect FTP' section.

The protocol field allows you to select the FTP method you would like to use, SFTP (secure FTP) is the most secure method and should be used if supported. FTPS (FTP over SSL) provides additional security over standard FTP and if supported, this option should be used if SFTP is not supported.

The authentication field allows you to choose your FTP authentication method, this will typically be password if you use a username and password combination to access FTP. RSA key and password protected RSA key options are available if required.

The username field should be used to provide your FTP log-in username

The password field should be used to provide your FTP log-in password.

Key File
The key file field allows you to provide your RSA key file, please simply copy and paste the contents of your key file into this field.

Key File Password
The key file password field should be used to provide the password for your RSA key file.

The port field is used to specify which server port is running SFTP/FTPS/FTP on your server. SFTP is typically run on port 22 unless your server uses a custom port number, FTPS and FTP are typically run on port 21.

Transfer Type
The transfer type option allows you to specify how our system communicates with your FTP server. The active method is used by default, however your server may require the passive method. If you are having difficulty connecting your FTP account we recommend you try the passive method as this is a common cause of problems.

ads.txt Path
The ads.txt path field is used to define where your ads.txt file is located within your FTP account. You must provide a relative path, not a full server path - except when your FTP account does use full paths.

To determine the correct path for your FTP account simply log-in to your FTP account using your usual FTP software and take note of the directories you must navigate through to locate your ads.txt file. If upon login you select to navigate into your /public_html/ directory which contains your ads.txt file then you would enter your ads.txt path as:


FTP Security

We store your FTP details securely using AES 256-bit encryption. This encryption level is considered miltary grade and is one of the strongest methods generally available.