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What is an ads.txt file?

An abbreviation for 'Authorised Digital Sellers', ads.txt files are the online advertising industry's latest tool in the battle against ad fraud. The purpose of ads.txt files is to give advertisers and advertising networks the ability to verify who is allowed to sell advertising on your website. This process is automated using 'crawlers', which are automated computer programs which index ads.txt files, much like a search engine. This information is then used by advertisers and ad networks, with this process normally being automated as part of the ad buying process.

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What does this ads.txt validator check for?

Errors are serious issues which may invalidate your ads.txt file or cause lost revenue, they must be resolved immediately.

  • Incorrectly formatted data records and variables.
  • Invalid or incorrect exchange domains, publisher IDs, relationship values, and certification authority IDs.
  • Invalid lines which are not valid ads.txt records.

Warnings highlight points of concern but which should not affect the processing of your ads.txt file, but which should be resolved as soon as possible.

  • Potentially invalid exchange domains.
  • Invalid variable names (not CONTACT or SUBDOMAIN).
  • Invalid contact and subdomain variable values.
  • Duplicate ads.txt records.

Notices provide information on how to improve the formatting of your ads.txt file.

  • Inconsistent case and unnecessary whitespace.
  • Potentially incompatible comments containing unusual characters/symbols.
  • Missing certification authority IDs.

Want to know more about ads.txt files?

The ads.txt Guru blog is frequently updateed with the latest news and useful articles about ads.txt files, along with the latest developments at ads.txt Guru.

Collaborator Search & Flex Data Import
Collaborator Search & Flex Data Import

We are very pleased to announce two new features to simplify usage of the ads.txt Guru system for both publishers & ad networks.

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Ad Networks: Managing Your Publisher's ads.txt Files
Ad Networks: Managing Your Publisher's ads.txt Files

ads.txt Guru provides a powerful collaboration system which enables ad networks and publishers to fully automate their ads.txt file management. In this article we will demonstrate how this collaboration works from the perspective of the ad network managing their ads.txt records within publisher ads.txt files.

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ads.txt Hosting, Certification ID Validation & More
ads.txt Hosting, Certification ID Validation & More

We're very excited to announce a significant update to the ads.txt Guru system.

ads.txt Hosting

For those of you who don't want to connect your FTP account, don't use WordPress, and simply don't want the hassle of uploading your ads.txt file, we can now host your ads.txt file for you. Once enabled all you need to do is set-up a redirect from your ads.txt file and we will handle the rest.

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Introducing Flex Records
Introducing Flex Records

Today we have applied the first major update to the ads.txt Guru system since it launched, with the addition of flex records for collaborators.

Flex records are essentially data records, but with the benefit that a unique publisher ID can be set for each domain the group is collaborating with. This allows a collaborator to create a single group which provides different ads.txt records for each domain which is collaborating with the group, therefore eliminating the complexities associated with creating unique ads.txt files for individual publishers.

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The perfect ads.txt file
The perfect ads.txt file

ads.txt files are very flexible, and so long as you follow the basic syntax and formatting it really doesn't matter how you include your data, but that doesn't mean it's not a good idea to maintain some structure and consistency in your ads.txt files, if not for the crawlers but for your own sanity when you come to update them.

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