Appending Custom ads.txt Records

15th March 2021

We are pleased to announce a new feature allowing additional ads.txt records to be appended to the end of the ads.txt file generated by ads.txt Guru.


Using both our ads.txt Hosting and FTP update features, custom ads.txt records can be appended to the ads.txt file by simply creating an ATG-CUSTOM-ads.txt file in the same directory as your ads.txt file. Each time your ads.txt file is 'Synchronized', the ads.txt Guru system will automatically retrieve the ATG-CUSTOM-ads.txt file and append it to the ads.txt file. This feature allows clients to add additional ads.txt records to the file when the overall management of the file is being handled by a third-party such as an ad network. Please note, the ATG-CUSTOM-ads.txt filename is case-sensitive.

ads.txt Guru WordPress Plugin
Custom ads.txt Records in ads.txt Guru WordPress Plugin
Screenshot of custom ads.txt records in ads.txt Guru WordPress Plugin.

When using the ads.txt Guru WordPress Plugin this functionality is managed through the plugin interface in the WordPress administration panel. Simply log-in to your WordPress administration panel and proceed to the 'ads.txt Guru' section, then simply add your custom ads.txt records using the 'Custom ads.txt Records' input.

A huge thanks to Debra, Swaroop and Katie for their feedback which led to the implementation of this new feature!

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