ads.txt Comparison Tool

7th July 2020

We are very excited to announce the release of our new ads.txt Comparison Tool.

ads.txt Comparison

To compliment our ads.txt validator we have added a new ads.txt comparison tool, specifically intended for use by ad networks to help in verifying publishers have implemented their ads.txt records correctly.

Screenshot of ads.txt comparison results.

The ads.txt comparison tool allows you to provide a list of ads.txt records along with a list of website domains to be checked, the tool will then check the ads.txt files on each of those domains to ensure the specified ads.txt records have been included. This allows for quick and simple verification that publisher domains have implemented the required ads.txt records, and we have even updated our API to provide this functionality to enable this comparison process to be fully automated.

To try the new ads.txt comparison tool, please click here.

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