ads.txt Hosting, Certification ID Validation & More

24th July 2018

We're very excited to announce a significant update to the ads.txt Guru system.

ads.txt Hosting

For those of you who don't want to connect your FTP account, don't use WordPress, and simply don't want the hassle of uploading your ads.txt file, we can now host your ads.txt file for you. Once enabled all you need to do is set-up a redirect from your ads.txt file and we will handle the rest.

Certification ID Validation
Screenshot of certification authority ID autocomplete.

We've compiled a list of certification authority IDs for major ad exchanges enabling us to not only validate your ads.txt records are using the correct ID, but we now also offer an autocomplete feature to save you the hassle of entering the IDs. We've also updated our ads.txt validator to provide this validation, and to advise when a certification ID can be included.

Domain Autocomplete
Screenshot of domain autocomplete.

It's not just certification IDs, we've also compiled a list of over 100 ad exchange domains to provide you with a domain autocomplete feature - saving you time and ensuring exchange domains are entered correctly.

Improved ads.txt Import

We've improved our ads.txt import feature to enable you to amend any erroneous records which could not be imported, ensuring vital records aren't missed and are included correctly. We've also incorporated the import tool into the add domain process to help you get started in seconds.

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